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Textbook on Scale Patterns

  • Understand and visualise scales
  • By Jörg Hartig
  • Fingering made easy
  • Understand the logic of the fretboard
  • The Fretboard Compendium is aimed at beginners and advanced, who are looking for more transparency and clarity in playing scales
  • This book features a novel system that makes it easy for the guitarist to navigate the fretboard
  • No matter if metal, jazz or blues: the Fretboard Compendium helps all musicians to find their way through the world of frets, positions, scales and keys - based on optimised patterns, which are explained using the example of the pentatonic scale and can be applied to all scales
  • ISBN: 978-3-95512-123-5
  • In German language
  • 78 Pages
  • With 2 audio CDs

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