Presonus EarMix 16M

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Personal Monitor Mixer

  • 16/2 AVB mixer via AVB
  • For StudioLive Series III mixers
  • 3-Band EQ with parametric mids for each channel plus the sum
  • Adjustable limiter for each channel plus the sum
  • Channel level controller with 8-segment LED display
  • Signal and clip LEDs for each channel
  • Stereo link and channel group switchable
  • 16 Memory locations for mixer scenes
  • Store and Recall buttons
  • AUX input (stereo jack, 3.5 mm) with volume control
  • Headphone jack (stereo jack, 6.35 mm) with volume control
  • Powerful headphone amplifier for loud and undistorted playback
  • Balanced stereo line output (2x TRS-jack 6.35 mm) with volume control
  • 2x 8-Segment LED display in the sum (L / R)
  • 2 AVB Ethernet ports (RJ45)
  • Connect to mixer via a CAT5e or CAT6 cable
  • Multiple EarMix 16Ms can be cascaded or operated in an AVB network (up to 24)
  • Compatible with other AVB-capable devices (in accordance with IEEE 1722)
  • Power supply: External power adapter (included) or via PoE
  • Tripod adapter optional (not included)

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