Your Next Snare/Tom Drumhead

I've been playing Remo coated ambassadors for about 15 years and have really put them to the test through touring and gigging vigorously over the last 10 years. I've tried many drumheads and I always come crawling back to this one. This is my go-to head on my snare and toms for general playing, band practice, recording and playing shows. I've never had a problem with durability or chipped coating. I'm not a light hitter either. For me it works for pretty much any style of music because it has, IMO, the perfect combo of stick definition, warmth due to the coating and openness. I'm not going to say it's any better or worse than the competitors' equivalent because that really comes down to taste I'd say. So, pros include everything aforementioned and I really can't think of any cons--once in a blue moon I've received an ambassador head with a crooked logo or a little scuff but a defect here and there is to be expected from a big company and it's not the end of the world. Most importantly, the sound has never failed me and I can assure any drummer that you'll be pleased with this drumhead. It might not always be what the music you make demands but at the very least it'll be a damn good jumping-off point and will get you a solid sound.