Great sound!

Used this on a few different snare drums and it's probably one of my favourite Remo heads. Nice and respnsive with plenty of attack. Being a single ply it's a bit more open then say an Emperor, but the dot helps to stop it becoming overly ringy like the ambassadors can be on some drums.

This head is my preferred choice for wood snare drums, which by nature can be a bit dry, so this helps give them some life.

For metal snares I like something a bit drier like a Powerstroke 3 or a Evans Genera dry as they tend to be a bit more ringy by nature so need something to control it. Though I'm sure the Remo CS would work great on metal snares with a bit of extra dampening using some moon gels or something similar.

One complaint I do have to make about Remo though is the quality of their coating. From my experience and that of many others recently it seems that the coating is flaking off very easily these days, with a few studio sessions enough to have the head looking absolutely wrecked compared to a coated head from Evans/Aquarian etc. For this reason I'd find it hard to recommend this head to anyone that's looking to play and gig alot and isn't able to afford regular head changes.