The REMO Control Dot is a well engineered head, designed to have a killer 'fat' spot within the 'dot' area. At the edge of the dot the head produces a less-fat, and cleaner/brighter sound. As you get closer to the edge you get a timbale-like sound, making this a versatile head if you're likely to play (let's say) rock, latin, and jazz at the same gig. The head also produces a great rim-click, and has plenty of volume overall. The head really has, to be tuned well to get any kind of satisfying sound, otherwise it's a bit ring-y. Tune the bottom (of your snare) head to 'A' while the batter head is removed from the drum. Make sure you get a clean 'A' at each lug-point (worth the effort), then put on the batter head, tuning correctly to a 'C', or higher if you want. Mess around with the snare tension, and before you know it, your snare will sound better than ever. This is not a conventional head, and it does take getting used to the different sounds, but a sweeter rim-shot you've never heard ... my guitar players even noticed. Remember, the key is in the tuning ... snare side, than batter. Have fun, it's a great head!