Here comes a no BS review

Since the first time I saw ADI-2 DAC I was always convinced that one day I will be owning this Swiss army knife of audio gear, use it with great passion and put its features that I fell in love with to use.

Boy, I couldn't have been closer to the truth.

I am using it with Dynaudio 18s and BM5 MKIII as a consumer. Now, putting its amazing performance at the test bench aside, this thing is an evolution of a term DAC when it comes to practical use and feature set.

Good build quality, good looks, outstanding functionality, very good ergonomics - both dealing with ADI-2 DACs hardware and software side (I read most often complaints by other people about getting around the unit itself, mostly about confusing menu structure). But honestly, the whole package that you are getting is plentiful and it took me a day or two to get used to it. If you find ADI-2 DAC too much, it may not be the DAC you are looking for. You also get a caring team behind the device you got, constantly polishing the product in terms of firmware updates, which was unprecedented and unthinkable for a manufacturer to provide two-three years ago in consumer/'hi-fi' market.

That is, 'till RME came.

I will leave subjective opinions to others.

There is one tiny con, but still a con, It would be terrific if in one of the future updates guys at RME would allow another PEQ band bellow 200 Hz. I know it's getting crowded down there and there is a higher chance of bands overlapping, but at least leave it as a possibility for end-users.