I admit that 1) I'm not an expert and can only offer an user perspective, and that 2) I'm old and thus often amazed by technology. However, how they manage to build such good cables inside such a small space is beyond me! Besides, there are not many cheaper options for this kind of slim patch cables. They are all over my pedal board, where I currently have 16 pedals with minimal noises - less than with the apparently sturdier and more expensive cables I had before I found these.

Lately, I have been looking for ways and details to upgrade my guitar rig in general, but especially my pedal board, and didn't really felt the need for new patch cables yet. Actually, I found more expensive versions of these Rockboard flat cables (the gold and the white ones) and must admit I'm curious, so I might give them a try in the future, but their price puts them in the same range of the evidence audio cables, which are very very hard to beat. Having recently upgraded to an isolated power supply, I will assess the difference it makes before thinking about better cabling, but it is the next logical step.

For now, though, these are doing their job very well, having recently been themselves an upgrade to my board in terms of organization and tidiness. I would go as far as saying that if I wasn't afflicted with GAS, there would be no valid reason to spend more money where I'm already well served. Therefore, I still recommend.