Six month endurance

I bought the Roland FP-10 and thought I should go for a half pedal capable foot pedal.

So I went for this one, thinking it should have the same sturdy quality as the previous pedals from Roland that I’ve owned and been very happy with. I play one or two hours a day, only at home. So no gigging which could ware the pedal out.

Now, sex month later the pedal started to act a little quirky when using it in half pedal mode (which I always do). It was randomly going into half pedal even if I held the pedal all the way down. Very irritating. Thomann was kind enough to send me a replacement pedal (kudos) and the new pedal worked all right.

Now it has been five months since I got the exchange pedal and guess what? It’s starting to behave exactly as the replaced pedal: randomly going into half pedal mode even if I keep my foot all the way to the floor! Sometimes I even can reproduce the erroneous behaviour by just moving my foot to either side while keeping the pedal fully pressed.

There is a potentiometer mounted in the pedal that is responsible of sending the continuous signal to the piano (which interprets it into full/half/whole pedal). It seems this potentiometer gets worn out, or dirty, and randomly doesn’t send the fully open signal it should when the pedal is fully pressed to the floor. Maybe it could help if I sprayed some contact spray into the potentiometer, but why not put a god, sturdy potentiometer in the pedal in the first place!?!