Schott Easy Concert Double Bass Vol.1

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Classical Sheet Music for Double Bass and Piano

  • Works from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, Romantic and Modern
  • By Charlotte Mohrs
  • Pieces in the half and first position
  • Simple rhythm and melody
  • Line styles and articulations such as portato, staccato and legato
  • Simple flageolotones
  • Easy to play
  • With printed piano accompaniment
  • ISBN 978-3-7957-1055-2, publisher no. ED22551
  • Format DIN A4
  • 60 Pages
  • Includes CD with demo and play-along recordings

Works by Composers Like:

  • Luis de Milán
  • Antonio Vivaldi
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Pyotr I.Tchaikovsky
  • Antonin Dvorak
  • Gustav Mahler
  • Frank Wunsch, and many more

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