Schreiber WS5016-2-0 Bassoon

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BassoonThis bassoon has a standard key system. From this model upwards all instruments have a whisper key lock, a second ring-finger Bb key and and C# trill key for the left hand index finger.

This Schreiber bassoon with its excellent intonation and wonderful sound offers the musician the best possibilities for further development.In addition, the instrument has a second B key for the ring finger and a C# trill for the index finger of the right hand.

This Schreiber bassoon with its good intonation and full sound offers the musician all the prerequisites for further musical development.

  • Conservatory Model
  • Standard size
  • German system
  • Sycamore maple wood
  • 25 Keys
  • High D key
  • 2 S-bends
  • Silver-plated mechanisms
  • Includes case and accessories
  • Made in Germany

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