A great SM57 alternative for guitar cabs

The flat face dynamics don't have to be just for guitar cabinets but that's the most obvious use. I've generally always had techs put an SM57 on my cabs live, or a close equivalent. I bought this for shows where we were handling our own sound reinforcement and I wanted something to fit in an amp-clamp that was closer and neater than an SM57 in a tripod stand. I thought it might be useful for demo recording as well and it turns out to be ideal for both scenarios. I actually preferred it to an SM57 - it is very flat response and has 3 cut-off filter levels on a switch to set to your preference. Live the sound of your actual set up is transferred across without the mic setting the character and for recording it's actually just easier and better for my close-mic sound. I'm considering trying it on close mic of certain drums on demo recordings as the flat response seems like it might suit a snare. The microphone itself is very small (I hadn't seen one until I bought it and assumed it was a bigger item) - another thing which makes it unobtrusive on stages. Easily worth the money for a great close mic alternative to 57s etc.