I use it for guitar amps

Sennheiser are really nice and these e906 are nothing less!

I bought two of these for the studio. They are clean and nice sounding, quite warm and articulate. They also have a switch so you can fiddle around with that and the actual position of the mic. Their shape is nice because you can mic a cabinet without a stand, you just hang them off the cabinet and it's perfect. I compared it to other microphones of the same category and was very pleased by the outcome. It's really a matter of taste, but these microphones are indeed good sounding and an all around balanced and clear sound. I did notice that the two e906 i have do sound different a bit so i guess they are not all 100% the same, but you would expect that on any microphone. Slight differences may always appear! Good buy, i'm really pleased. They do come with small gig bags for the mic itself!