Seymour Duncan SH1N NCover 2C

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Pickup for Electric Guitar

There is not much left to say about the Seymour Duncan SH1. It is one of the most popular replacement pickups; especially when it is desired to replicate the well balanced sound of the the legendary PAF Humbuckers of Seth Lover (the name is due to the bottom sticker "patent applied for"). For many guitarists this pickup is still the best, no screamer, it is way too classy to be that, ​​but it can sing like no other pickup. Particularly finicky musical gourmets attest SH1 even a touch more authenticity compared to several competitors - but clarification to that question could probably only be found by means of an AB comparison (which is very complex with pickups) and even then, certain judgments remain simply a matter of taste. In any case, a hot tip!

The SH 1N is particularly suitable for the neck position and delivers bluesy to singing sounds that will make your day.

The classic look is taken care of with the chrome covers of the classic Gibson PAF

  • Model 59
  • Humbucker
  • Original replica of the PAF from 1959
  • Warm tone with great sustain and a healthy dose of bass content
  • Single-core connecting cable
  • For neck positioning
  • Nickel cover

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