I love this guitar!

I remember first seeing this guitar at a gig and loved how it looked. The beautiful matte black body and evil looking headstock caught my attention immediately. I spoke to the guitarist who owned it and he couldn’t say anything bad about it. I went on a whim and bought it after being lucky enough to try his out for a few minutes. I’ve tried a lot of 8 string guitars and there aren’t many that I love playing, but this is amazing!

It just feels great and the fret board is the perfect size for me. The Evertune bridge is a new feature to me and after setting it up and intonating the guitar fully, the strings just don’t go out of tune! It takes a while to get used to setting it up, but once done, you really don’t have to do much more. The bridge supposedly keeps all strings in tune for the life of the strings. If you change the strings with the same gauge, you don’t have to do any set up again! I switched the bottom string to an 80 as I downtune from F# to E and it is just unbelievable. The tension is perfect and even if you hit the string hard during those nasty breakdown or djent riffs, the string doesn’t sharpen and then eventually fall to the note you want, it just plays the note you want immediately. The Evertune bridge does all the hard work for you.

Simply, if you play 8 string, buy this guitar. If you don’t play 8 string, but this guitar and start!