patch cable

Let me first state that i am new to the pedal world and i didnt know alot about pedals or cables or in what order do you connect your pedals in to get the best tone out of them.

But before i bought these cables i went to my local music store and bought some cheap 0.5 meter patch cables and hook up my pedal board and plug in my guitar and amp and the first thing i notice was alot of interfearance (white noise) so i went onto my computer and after doing my research i found out that the noise could be coming from bad patch cables (cheap bad shielding) and that you can reduce the noise by buying some preamium patch cables with good shielding.

So i took a leap of faith and went onto thomann and found these cables, and what do you know i connected them to my pedals and the noise was gone like it never excisted so to me these cables are wonderfull and i did not mind paying the premium price for them.

And then the first reason why i clicked on these cables in the first place, the flat head connecters first of all they look cool in my books because you dont seem them that often and then they save alot of room on your pedal board which is always handy because i can keep my pedal looking tidy.


good shielding

come in different lenght

very robust

flat head connecters


The only con of this cable is the price and to be honest i dont mind because you get what you pay for and this a good cable should last me a few years