Great Haze fluid on a budget

I bought 2 bottles of these in March to work in my Stairville AFH-600 hazer that is located in a local theatre.

I have been using the hazer a lot, working on 5 day productions and a dance show, and I've only just got onto the first bottle!

The haze stays in the air for a long time, and comes out thin. This fluid has not yet clogged up my machine yet.

One thing to note, try your best to not spill this fluid as you'll find yourself using washing-up soap to get it off due to how oily it is... this is prominent on most smoke/haze fluids.

Before using this fluid, I used some cheap no-name fluid and got many complaints about the smell... This has no smell! This makes it great when working with younger kids and in smaller, tighter places.

If you are on a budget, or even just want to get a good effect, I couldn't recommend this more.