Long lasting good quality haze fluid - with no bad odour!

I have bought this fluid as part of the bundle with the Stairville Hz-200 more than six months ago and have been using it pretty regularly since then in a small theatre for live music and dance theatre performances - to date it has lasted much longer than I have expected, with almost half the container still remaining. My preferred usage requires me to fill an entire theatre with haze so the haze and theatre lighting is consistent throughout the room (room size - 13m x 10m x 6m) therefore it tends to get quite a bit of use. The quality of the haze is great (albeit a tiny bit thick at times depending on what settings on the hazer I use - fan speed/output amount/interval) and the odour (or lack of) is a very pleasant surprise compared to other fluids available. I will definitely be reordering the same product when this current one runs out - if it ever does!