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USB copy protection key for Steinberg softwareThe Steinberg Key is the key to Steinberg's world of professional audio software. The Steinberg Key is required for all current Steinberg VST instruments that are not supplied with their own copy protection plug. Users who already have a Steinberg software with copy protection plug do not need an additional Steinberg Key. The Steinberg Key also allows the use of demo versions of other Steinberg software that are included with each Steinberg product. The demo versions allow you to try out Steinberg's leading applications and instruments in a hands-on way.

  • All Steinberg products require only one dongle
  • Price advantage due to omission of the additional dongle for VST instruments
  • Easy access to fully featured demo versions of Steinberg's most important applications

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Steinberg Key USB eLicenser

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Steinberg Key USB eLicenser

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