THE BEST Hi-Hat stand you can get.

I went for Tama hardware, having previously purchased hardware from them and had positive experiences, and I was not disappointed.

The Iron Cobra range has held a strong reputation for a long time, and it is extremely easy to see why.

The hi-hat stand is extremely sturdy, with impeccable design and premium build quality.

The clutch has yet to slip or fail me, and space has been thought about as well since packing the stand away is done very quickly and into a compact size, no larger than a regular boom cymbal stand.

The pedal action is brilliant, I personally found that it was perfect out of the box, but it is adjustable for other players too. You achieve a very crisp hi-hat sound from every foot motion with ease, it is a very pleasant pedal to play with.

I could not be happier with this purchase, and it certainly is worth the money. I would not spend any more, as for me, this product is perfect.