Awesome but not always neutral

Got this pedal so that I could play with my Big Muff without destroying my ears with the hum and feedback cause by the GAIN you got with that pedal.

Do ALWAYS use this pedal with the effect loop (just putting it at the end of the chain like a Decimator will not work well for example). But when using the effect loop and when dialed right (that can take some time but one can achieve really accurate settings), that pedal does the job extremely well ! One thing really cool is that, thanks that effect loop that isolate your gain pedal, you can have it always on, without loosing sustain or changing your clean tone.

BUT (yes there is a but), the pedal is NOT neutral with certain pedals. When using it with my Muff, the pedal almost works like a mid-boost. I like it and it makes it even better considering the loss of mids that characterize Muff pedal in general but it's something you would want to know if you want to buy it. Tested it with my super badass distortion and there, the sound is very well preserved, without alteration. In overall, an amazing pedal, even more given the price !

(Didn't test the toneprint feature, maybe I can tweak some settings here and there to make it work better with my muff ? I should try it)