Blown away...

I am a bassist, who loves his overdrives, but I must admit that besides getting awesome tones from "cascading" them into each other, on the downside I had some nasty hiss. So much so that with one of my basses, I could not play for more than 30 minutes on headphones, as I was receiving a headache from all the noise.

So far, I restrained myself from purchasing a noisegate pedal, as I read a ton of reviews where people complain about the gate "stealing" their tone and sustain. (including reviews here) However, I decided to experiment with the relatively inexpensive Sentry and what I can say... I am completely blown away!

I was imagining how I'm about to spend hours tinkering with settings until I find the optimal compromise between tone, sustain and noise. No such thing happened! This is the first time I get something, which I pull out of the box and it functions exactly as I want it, without touching anything.

I connected all my overdrives in the Sentry's FX loop, switched it to "hiss" mode, left all knobs at 12 o'clock and voila! No noise, no tone loss, zero sustain reduction, zero compromise!

I have tried the Sentry with all 4 basses of mine, in whatever settings on the overdives and the result is always a stellar job done by the Sentry. This noisegate even goes as far as almost muting the screeching noise that I sometimes get from my bad technique, when my palm slides on the G string!

I have the pedal for a few days now, but so far, I am amazed and cannot recommend it enough, especially for the price! I only hope it's durable in time. We'll see...