One of the best on the market

ISP decimator and the Boss NS-2 have been dominating the market for years now and then came the Sentry. Have been watching lots of reviews and comparisons between these pedals online and made up my mind to get this pedal. I have absolutely no regrets for doing so. I play mostly metal with lots of gain from my amp and from my pedals which cases a lot of hiss and humms. Once the pedal is switched on, at first I had all the knobs dialed to noon and it was complete silence while retaining the sound quality with absolutely no loss.

I also find the toneprint feature interesting. I tried it and uploaded the Scott Iann ''The wall'' patch into it. I absolutely love this pedal and does what it is supposed to do. It is a must if you play with a lot of gain and metal type of music.

The tone print feature is so interesting and fun that it has also made up my mind in getting the other TC electronic pedals that has this (Flashback and Corona pedals).

The Sentry pedal itself is easy to use. You just have to set the knobs, especially the threshold knob to noon and dial it from there until all unwanted noise is removed. You then dial the Threshold and the decay knobs accordingly to get your sweet spot while making sure that there is no sound loss.