great percussion addition

This terre bracelet is a fantastic purchase.

I brought this bracelet as a bit of fun, thinking it would be amusing to play with.

However on playing with it, i now use it constantly when performing as a solo act.

I use the bracelet on my strumming hand, and it adds a great percussive element to a solo set.

I have also recorded with this bracelet using several different mic's, and i found the sound out of it to be amazing, well worth using for acoustic/minimalist tracks, which might not be suitable for a high hat or ride cymbal, i also find this bracelet to be great to mix in with a shaker, and again, worn on your wrist, both can be recorded at once.

I find it best to take care with this instrument, as i worry the shaker parts themselves could break if treated harshly, but so far i have taken great care and had no problems

Very good instrument