I can hear!!

We have now bought a complete PA including monitors, stands and leads from Thomann. Their service has been excellent throughout. This little beast we have twinned with it's passive counterpart, so we get the full 120watts rms at 4 ohms. They do not crackle hum or buzz, in fact you struggle to know they are working until you actually put something through them. The sound reproduction is excellent, good deep lows more than should be expected from such a small enclosure and ear splitting highs. The mid range takes anything that you throw at it. We run these two from the line out of a Behringer PMP530 with 2 VS1520's out front. As I said in the title of the review I can hear, and it is so much easier to stay in tune when you can! Also worth mentioning that the projection from these two small boxes covers the entire stage area so the drummer has stopped moaning that he can't hear anything as well. Highly portable, with weight not being an issue, you could practically play catch with the unpowered one.

Nice one Thomann, you get my vote any day.