Money Makers

i use these for house music events, i have a pair of DSP115 on a Tframe over a single RCF 8003 mk2 each side, i run them in monitor mode and leave the onboard eq flat.

now that the heavey work is taken up by the rcf's the dsp115 are free to run to ear shattering volumes, the 136db rating is completely believable.

i was running the stupidly expensive rcf 745a and wasnt really to happy with the spl output although where slighlty better sound quality but not £1000 on top of the dsp 115 better! the rcf 8003 mk2 sub though can not be faulted and puts out truly biblical bass.

This is the speaker for a ruff enviroment, its loud and inexpensive. you wont lose to much sleep if one goes bang unlike the expensive brands.

one of the most important factors for me is that the volume knobs are removable and cant be tampered with by the general public.

i currently run the jbl prx range also, these will now be sold to make way for more dsp 115.

so for me these are perfect for house music crossed over at 100hz with big subs underneath, i could not be happier!