Cannot beat for the price

These patch cables might not be the most solidly built on the market, but they sure do their job.

Sound-wise... Come on! They are patch cables! I really envy those guys who claim they can notice any difference in sound quality when talking cable this long, but I really can't spot any difference (nor can my spectrum analyzer) between the signal when the cable is in the chain compared to when it is out of the chain. Such an "experiment" is easily made if you use a norm. patchbay.

The six different colours are a huge plus, when it comes to recognise your channels.

Only con could be the fact that, being the cable connectors sealed, the cable would be impossible to fix in the case anything goes wrong. This said, if anything went wrong with one of the cables I have, i would buy a whole new set (for the price of a couple of neutrik connectors)