Good audio cable

I have used this cable for PA work and after extensive use I'd say it is a good product for a price. Ideally I would choose this for some stationary application where you plug it in and forget about it, not wind-unwind it, constantly step on it on stage etc. Connector quality is good and durable, they fit and connect good. In heavy duty use screws, that secure connector to cable, may come loose and fall out, make sure to check them once in a while. Also if your singer (in case cable is connected to mic) is aerobics teacher or jumping rabbit on stage, in heavy use cable conductor may break near connectors so you'd need to cut it and resolder it. As for conductor quality, I don't believe in gold-silver-whatever-unobtanium made cables and all that myths, it's a cable all right, it works and it works good.

Overall it's good cable for a price. For stationary use it's perfect. For intensive PA & stage work I would recommend to cough up few euros and buy a PRO Snake one (TPM 10).