Thomann Ocarina 7H Celtic clay flutes

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7-Hole Ocarina

  • Design: shell-shaped with Celtic ornamentation
  • Range: German: h1 - c3 (English: b1 - c3)
  • Tuned in C major
  • Material: ceramic
  • Weight: 185 g
  • Size: approx. 10 cm
  • Colour: light green - dark green
  • The different colours make it also particularly attractive for children
  • This alto shell ocarina is medium-sized and features 7-holes (tuning pitch corresponds to C3)
  • Produces a soft, bright and clear sound in the 2nd octave
  • With C-major fingering and a C-major sound - playable range is b1 - c3
  • Incl. music study book 'Celtic music for the 7-Hole Ocarina' (with instructions), and a lanyard

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