Keyboard bag, or pedalboard bag?!

Yes, I know it is a keyboard gig bag, but I'm using it for one of my two guitar pedal boards and it seems like a good option for carrying a pedal board together with power accessories and other necessary cables. It is deep enough to hold a pedal board and, in the case of my main board, has about 1/3 space at one end for ancillary stuff suck as power cables and guitar leads, and even a few extra pedals that might be used off the board itself, such as a tuner or looper (for someone with two boards, some pedals are better left available for both of them).

My only gripe, and this is mainly because I'm not using the bag for a keyboard as I ought to do (!), is the lack of an internal divider made perhaps of foam and covered with the same great durable synthetic fabric that the bag itself uses. This would allow me to have these extras safely away from the rest of the board. The idea might also work for some keyboards that are carried around with their own power supply loose in the bag. For me, and possibly others, at least one modest divider might be useful. For now I'll make my own by bagging lose items in separate padded cases such as those used for camera lenses, but this can be an expensive option.

This bag will be great for allowing me to put away the pedal board safely when it isn't being used for a few weeks, and to keep dust away from the pedals if I'm taking a short break from using them.

It's great, well priced, and definitely fit for even my purposes!