Good case, but think before buying...

I bought this case alongside a Thomann DP-25 stage piano. This was a mistake on my part, not because of the quality of the case (which is excellent), but because I sorely underestimated the weight of the 20kg stage piano. A case with a shoulder strap is quite useless over anything farther than 20-30m! The handles at each end of the case are useful, yes, but I often have to carry the thing my myself, and am sorry I didn't spring a little extra on a case with wheels.

Nonetheless, the case is very good for a light stage piano/keyboard, or if you will always have another person available to help you move it. If this is your situation, then go for it. The case is strong and -- despite the 20kg weight I load into it -- does not look like it will rip or fray any time soon.