Amazing sound but extremely low tension!

I got these strings for an acoustic bass. The bass was originally set up with D'Addario phosphor bronze strings which are extremely bright and clanky.

The Thomastik strings were a HUGE upgrade, at least for sound quality. They make the bass sound more like a BIG classical guitar, which of course may not be what you're looking for. Personally I love this sound. It's by far the most beautiful sounding acoustic bass strings I've ever heard. None of that overly bright, clanky sound I have gotten from other phosphor bronze acoustic bass strings.

The downside is that these Thomastik strings have EXTREMELY low tension (Thomastik Jazz flats feel stiff by comparison!).

I use them on a short scale so I supposed they would be slightly tighter on a long scale but still, VERY low tension.

They also roll under the fingers like acoustic guitar strings. This was extremely weird at first and will require a slightly different technique. I got used to it after a while but it still feels weird if I haven't played them for a while.

So, expect some time to adjust. These strings are definitely not for everyone but if you can adapt to VERY low tension and the rolling under the fingers they are by far the most beautiful acoustic bass strings I've ever used. I actually found acoustic basses pretty useless before I discovered these strings. Now I use acoustic bass in the studio all the time. And not just for acoustic songs!

Highly recommended for SOUND but you really won't know if you like them before you've tried them. At least expect some time to adapt.