Seriously handy

It seems like a simple bit of kit, and to be honest, I pay it very little attention in my studio. It sits on my rack by my desk, folded out the way when not in use, and with my KRK headphones on the rest of the time.

But... thinking back to when I didn't own one, my headphones were an absolute pain! They'd be cluttering up my desk, chucked on top of a load of pedals sitting on my rack box (ready to fall off), or sitting on the floor after having been knocked off the desk by my cat.

It's one of those bits of kit that is so useful that you'll forget just how useful it is, simply because you use it every single day. My computer gets used for everything from watching films, to Skype calls, so my headphones can go on my head hundreds of times a day, and it's just nice to have somewhere neat to put them!

Quality wise, it's a solid bit of kit, fits well to the rack (nice and snug on the front plate or my Two Notes Torpedo Studio, or my Ensoniq ASR-10R if I'm spending a lot of time on it), and looks particularly neat folded away when not in use. More to the point, the folding design allows me to put the front on my rack box without removing it, nifty! Should you need to take it off, it slides out without tools, and it fits to both left and right sides of a rack. It's also thin enough to not interfere with the mounting of rack units... less important for a little 400 gram 1U effect, but VERY important for a 25 kilo ASR-10... I'd be gutted if that slipped out of a rack and got damaged.

I've yet to find a piece of kit I use so often, and it costs less than a pint of good beer. What more could you ask for!