Great unit

I recently downsized my equipment and found myself in need of a rack to hold what I kept and and also to look like a piece of furniture as it lives in my home office.

The rack comes flat packed and is very easy to assemble. It even comes with a Torx driver bit for a power screwdriver.

Be sure to measure the distance you need the rails to set back from the front of the rack carefully and repeat your measurement as you add additional screws.

All the rack nuts are captive in the rails with a little strip of rubber behind them that keeps stops the nut from dropping to the bottom of the rack when fitting units into it.

The rubber strip does make it hard to move a large number of nuts up or down the strips at once, but that's a small price to pay and as all the nuts are captive you can place your rack units at any height in the rack. This is great when you want to leave a small gap between units.

All the rack bolts come with plastic washers that prevent your units from getting scratched.

The rack has holes in the bottom ready for the wheels that can be bought as an extra.

I bought the wheels and a second set of rails for the back as was using some sliding shelves.

The wheels make it really easy to move around and really are a must to move the rack in and out to get to the rear panels of your units.

So in conclusion, I'm really happy with the it. It works great as a rack and doesn't look out of place in the home office and was very well priced.