Suited for small home studios

The Thon Studio Desktop Rack does as promised. You get 4U of space (leaving me with "headroom" of about 5mm, which might be too few for a heat-inducing-poweramp) within 4 veneered pieces of (ply-?)wood, with a thickness of about 1,6cm each.

The height is well suited for placing a monitor on top, while you're using a laptop. On the other hand - unless you get a second unit, you have scarce room, so be aware of that, when you use it as starting equipment for your home studio.

The veneer is done better than on IKEA-furniture, where you can expect damaged/chipped/unclean edges.

On another note - my rack is housing a Line 6 preamp/modelling-unit and a rack-drawer. Do not forget the dimensions! The rack drawer protrudes the rack by about 15cm.