Trident Audio Series 68 Console 16

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Trident Audio Series 68 Console 16; Analog 16-Channel / 8 Buss Recording Console; with LED Meter Bridge; Modularity Throughout: all input channels are individual boards, faders included, each in a 8 channel pack, Subgroups are individual boards, faders included, each in a 8 channel pack, Master Channel is an individual channel separated from all others; Split/Inline Console: Dual Inputs to the channels with line and monitor inputs, 3 Band EQ with sweeping mid bands and selectable low and high bands, 27 dB of headroom, Channel Inserts, Selectable EQ Path; Microphone Preamp: 65 dB gain preamp, Balanced inputs, Balanced inserts with full bypass, Input Reverse Switch, Mic/Line Switch, Phantom Power Switch; Flexible EQ with sweepable high, mid and low Band, 50Hz High Pass Filter, selectable Channel Insert; Master Section: Main & Alt Monitor Control, Mute, Dim & Mono Controls, Onboard Headphone with Gain, 8 Subgroups, Two 2 Track Returns, Subgroup Monitor Returns, 1 Stereo AUX, 8 Stereo FX Returns, 3.5 mm TRS Selectable Input, Onboard Talkback, selectable Insert Return; LED Meter Bridge with VU-Meters; Sub-D25 Connectors; Dimensions: 84.75 x 31.22 x 73.02 cm (WxHxD)


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