Fantastic all in all !

I'll try to make it short and useful but there is so much to say !

First of all the build quality is purely off the charts. If we except the slightly too stiff and clicky face buttons, the whole device is made of metal, the connections are extremely solid (the power socket even has a lock system to avoid accidental removal) and the main knob is just great.

The handling is great, connections are easy to access, the UAD control panel is very straight forward and switching between headphone/speaker is easy and fast. My only negative feeling is going towards the face buttons, honestly not very clear in their function, and some of them I just never really figured out what the hell they do.

Soundwise it is as good as it can possibly get, with zero noise whatsoever, and the analog sound processing clearing shows when recording/listening to voices or instruments such as guitars. In the case of purely electronic music, it will only really make a difference with analog synth, but the amount of connection might not be enough if you have several hardware synthesisers.

Overall a fabulous piece of gear.