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Microphone PreampThe microphone preamplifiers from Yamaha's renowned DM2000 digital console have already been noticed by many professional audio engineers from all possible areas. The circuits of MLA8 are based on the same technology. They have a great sound quality and a transparent and absolutely accurate playback of the original signal.

Despite their space-saving dimensions of 1 U the user interface of the ML8A has 26-dB pads, a wide controllable range of 44 dB gain (potentiometers), high-pass filters with a cutoff frequency at 80 Hz and phantom power switches for each channel. The high pass filter is still in the analogue part of the device. Therefore, the tone control of the MLA8 provides a particularly simple usability, even in combination with Yamaha digital mixers, the DME 24N and 64N. In addition, the system can be easily expanded. Simply combine several MLA8 units, digital mixers and DMEs to create your perfect production environment.

The colour scheme of Yamaha mixers follows very useful rules. Like the consoles the MLA8 also uses green for signal indicators and HPF, red for peak indicators, and gray for attenuation pads. In systems where our microphone preamps are combined with other Yamaha products, the ability to read the function of the controls with a single look ensures that the production environment is understood quickly, intuitively and without errors.

  • 8 Preamps of the DM 2000
  • Outputs: 25-Pin D-Sub connector and terminal
  • 26 dB Pad
  • 48 V and high pass switchable for each input
  • Clip and signal display
  • Size: 19" Rack format with 1 U

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