Great for playing, not so good for recording DI

You've probably read tons of great reviews about the THR5, and indeed I agree with all of them in terms of sound quality, clarity, versatility, design, and so on. However, I want to add here a point of view about something not a lot of people share: recording via USB. As you know, you can connect your THR5 to a computer and use it as an audio interface for recording. If you're looking for a really minimal setup for your home studio (like I was), I'm sad to share that the THR5 doesn't do a good job in this area.

If you want to record one of the processed sounds of the amp ("clean", "crunch", "lead", etc, which are send through input signals 1 and 2), you might be happy with the outcome. However, if you want to use a digital amp sim like the ones from your DAW or NeuralDSP plugins, for example, you may prefer to use the DI inputs (3 and 4). Despite THR5's Impressive low latency, here are the main problems:

The output signal for DI is very low, and there's nothing you can do to control the gain for DI. All the settings for master, volume, and gain control affect only the processed sounds, not the DI. In my case, my guitar signal was peaking at -34db when recording, which is pretty low, creating a bad signal to noise ratio. When compared to Focusrite Scarlett Solo, for example, the difference in quality is gigantic, so I recommend you to use a proper audio interface for better sound recording instead of the THR5.

All in all, I really like this Amp for daily practice. I just had the wrong expectations in mind for recording when I bought it.