Overall, really good product!

It's great for practicing with the built in headphone jack, and it sounds really good through an amp/speaker. The amp simulations sound great with the ability to make heavy metal rhythm and soaring leads, and you can still get some amazing cleans out of it. The selection of effects is very good, it's not just made for 1 genre, it's made for pretty much whatever you can think of! The 100+ presets cover a large base of genres, icluding funk, slide, rock/metal and a weird robot noise.

The only negative thing I can think of is the learning curve, but in comparison to other multi-fx pedals I have used the Zoom G5n is super easy to learn, and the manual is very helpful. Take an afternoon to just mess around and you'll have the basics down and after that you can get more into the other features!

If you plug it into your computer you can get even more presets, either from Zoom's website or from other forums.

Overall, it's an amazing product for intermediate and advanced players. I personally would not recommend for an absolute beginner as it's a lot to take in when you first start.