Very good Performans/Price

Handling is very good . It is very light and easy to carry . Materials are very good and very tough . Pots are very stable . You can control every tone volume also main processor volume with using master volume pot and there is tone volume . You should turn tone pot to % 80 in order to get very tough tones.

Exp pedal works fine and wah , octave , volume functions are very various .

Features is also fine but the loop station is not quite easy. You need more foot touch to reach the loop station . May be this is the only thing that i do not like.

Sound quality is very good . If you can affort more time to edit with its program in pc , the sound quality will be better . You can download many tones in internet every where . It is very easy to load tones via pc . Especially lead solo , drive , crunch tones are wonderfull . Some times i use direct out to PI systems with using DI box . The result is very good and save the day . By the way there is not too much clean tones in its presets it is very hard to find proper preset . You should create your own clean tones .