Best multi-fx unit for the price

After years of playing around with several different types of these digital multi-fx units, and owning one or two as well, I always found issues with them. Sometimes it'd be a really difficult to navigate interface, others would have latency issues, some would have terrible processors that couldn't cope with multiple effects, many wouldn't let you route them differently and some just sounded awful.

Not this one. This one is amazing.

It's easy to navigate through (and create) patches, it's easy to change the routing, you have LOOOADS of options for what effects to use, even if you want 8 phasers for some reason this thing has you covered.

There's one crucial thing that they got badly wrong. If you want a metal tone, look elsewhere. I've been trying to wrestle a good heavy tone out of this for days and I'm not even getting close. As a metalhead this is a problem for me, but it's important to stress that is the ONLY flaw I could find and it's the only reason I gave it four stars rather than five. I wholeheartedly recommend this pedal to every guitarist. Especially for the price.

TL,DR: Metal tones were really bad, but everything else is awesome. Buy it.