Ansmann Powerline 4 Ultra

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Ansmann Powerline 4 Ultra, intelligent battery charger, charges fully automatically and stops when the inserted batteries are fully charged, the trickle charge keeps the battery charge at 100%, so the batteries are always ready for use and can remain in the charging station, compatible with up to four NiMH batteries Sizes AA / Mignon / HR6, AAA / Micro / HR03, C / Baby / HR14, D / Mono / HR20 or four Li-Ion batteries size 10400 to 32650 (e.g. also 18650 and 26650), 2in1 battery charger: smartphone and power bank USB rechargeable, selectable charging program and charging current - independently per charging slot. Charge indicator with battery voltage (V), charge / discharge current (mA), capacity (mAh), charging time (h), size: 170 × 109.8 × 37.5 mm, weight: 273 g

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