Awesome little unit!

I use it on my pedalboard mainly for the amps and cab sims.

My chain is - Wireless - crybaby wah - NIG fuzztortion looped through a Boss NS-2 - Ampero. In live setting, I use one output for an amp onstage and the other output directly to FOH. Everything is working great as I don't need that much bells and whistles. I need good amps, cab sims and a few modulation effects here and there.

The shell of the unit is made out of aluminum and the footswitches have a nice click and feel to them. I do have to say that the expression pedal is really small and I don't use it, I think I'd like the same unit without the onboard expression pedal a lot more. There is also an option to hook up external expression pedals or controllers. Overall feels like a premium product.

They do have some minor problems and glitches with the software but nothing major. They are patching and updating the unit rapidly and listen to the users feedback to make improvements.