MXR Custom Shop Phase 90 LED

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The MXR Vintage Phase 90 comes in the classic script logo design. This is how Eddie Van Halen "spiced up" his legendary Lead sound, especially on the early records. This can clearly be heard in his parade solo on "eruption". In contrast to the popular block logo phaser, the original circuit was used here, and so the phaser sounds just like Eddie, Jimmy Page, and David Gilmour (All I can say is: "Shine On ...").

There is, of course, only one control with which the speed of the phasing can be adjusted, everything else is set so that a really pleasant, never too loud effect can be achieved. Phasers just like the classics - beam me up Scotty!

  • Design based on the cult pedal phaser
  • Speed controllable
  • 1/4 "jack In / Out
  • Can be operated with a 9V battery or a separate power unit (not included) available under Article Nr #409939#
  • LED indicates the switching status

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