Palmer PGA 03 Y-Box Guitar Splitter

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Y-Box Guitar Splitter

PALMER Y-Box, splitbox for guitar signals. "When I am connecting the inputs of my two amplifiers, there is a strong hum." A frequent query in the technical section of relevant specialist magazines. The solution to this problem is the Palmer Y-Box. An FET input circuit converts the high-impedance guitar signal and, at the same time, forms the driver circuit for a transformer that directs the signal to the output ground-free. The hum loop is avoided. Operation with 9 V battery recommended.

The box can also be used as cable driver for large cable length. In addition, it is possible for the output AMP2 to phase-shift the signal. This is often necessary when two (pre)amplifiers are connected in parallel.

  • Clinking input with 1 Mohm input impedance
  • Output AMP1 as parallel circuit
  • Output AMP2 is electronically converted with a subsequent transformer stage
  • Operation with 9V battery recommended
  • 5 years manufacturing guarantee

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