Tech 21 SansAmp RBI

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Bass Preamp

Bass Preamp and Recording Amp - the rack version of Bass Driver D.I. and a little more

Like the little brother, the SansAmp RBI provides a vast range of traditional and modern Bassampsounds, including pushing overdrive sounds that you would not expect from a bass preamp. Find several useful presets like SVT®-style, Bassman®-style, Kings X-Style, and Crimson-style (to name just a few) in the RBI's users manual - to get you started immediately.

Most of the parameters are identical to those of the SansAmp Bass Driver D.I.:

Drive and Presence we need not explain here. Blend allows stepless transition between the dry signal and the SansAmp tube amp emulation. With the active bass and treble controls the respective frequency band can be boost or cut by 12 dB.

Key features of the SansAmp RBI:

The SansAmp RBI has a mid controller and one level pot for the XLR and jack output each in order to provide an optimal signal in parallel to both the bass amplifier on stage as well as the PA system. The integrated effects loop can be toggled between serial and parallel operation with the Mix 50/50 - switch button. The "uneffected" XLR and TRS outputs provide a dry signal for connection to two RBIs or one RBI with another bass amp. Last but not least the footswitch input for remote control of the RBI and the Foot Switch output to hook up multiple RBIs.

With the SansAmp RBI you have a whole truck-load of bass-amp-sounds in a single 19" housing. If you are looking for a substantial sound foundation you will no longer need heavy equipment in the future.

  • In any studio in the world with the RBI in hand luggage you are ready to go on the spot. Enter the console, adjust sound, done!
  • On live events, the SansAmp RBI can be connected to a Bass amp with box (e.g. TECH-21 Bass PowerWedge 60) and the P.A. system in parallel.

For those who need 2 channels: The remote control of the RBI can be coupled with another RBI. Who prefers a programmable preamp should take a look at the SansAmp PSA-1, which was not only developed for the guitar. The PSA-1 already includes 10 pre-programmed Bass presets and 49 additional program slots are available for free assignement.

  • Extended rack version of the Bass Driver D.I.
  • Parallel/serial switchable effects loop
  • Adjustable XLR and jack output
  • 19"/ 1U


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