Yamaha U1 TA2 PE

12 999 € 4 342 965,90 HUF ÁFÁ-val és szállítási költséggel
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PianoThe Yamaha U Series has long been the first choice of many educational institutions, professional musicians and expert hobby pianists.

A similar mechanism as in the proven Silent Series ensures that the hammers do not come into contact with the strings, but instead play digital sounds. Unlike Silent pianos, however, you don't need headphones or additional amplification: the sound can also be reproduced via the soundboard if desired.

  • With TransAcoustic function
  • 88 Keys
  • 3 Pedals
  • Height: 121 cm
  • Width: 153 cm
  • Depth: 61 cm
  • Weight: 228 kg
  • Colour: Black, polished
  • Includes piano bench, piano light and delivery nationwide by piano shipping company


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