Cheap and simple mixing desk

I was needing a mixing apparatus so i could merge various signals from different sources and the Behringer MX400 was the cheapest, simplest and smallest of all.

It does a decent job as its low in noise if you don't turn it up to 11.

The small form was a deciding factor as i can use the mixing desk on top of my synths or on my pedalboard without to much hassle.

It has a great feature that is working as a passive mixing desk if the power is out.

The building is ok with a metal chassis and the knobs feel fine.

I have used it in more applications that I was thinking of when i get it.

Sometimes me and my friends want to jam (2 guitars with pedals, a bass and a synth) and now we can all do it using just one amp.

It would be perfect if it could be battery powered but i guess you can't ask for everything at this price point and probably it would drain the batteries in a few minutes so Behringer's engineers don't give us that option.

If you need a small, well build, simple and cheap mixing desk i would recomend the Behringer MX400