Boss RT-20

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Rotary Sound Processor

Leslie - the heavy box with the rotating speakers - is indispensable for the Hammond organ, and many guitarists have also incorporated it in unforgettable sounds and hits: The Beatles, Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck and many others.

A real Leslie is heavy, expensive and rare. A simulation is small, light and affordable: Here comes the BOSS RT-20 Rotary Sound Processor, a further development of the Roland Leslie Simulation (from the Roland Organ VK-7, VK-77 and VK-8), which was highly praised by many Hammond players for its authentic sound.

In terms of sound, features and price, the RT-20 will leave the few competitors behind the Leslie simulations far behind.

  • Authentic Leslie simulation by COSM modelling
  • Four sound modes
  • Integrated overdrive for guitar or keyboard
  • Speed ​​adjustable
  • Large VIRTUAL ROTOR display
  • Effect and direct signal separately adjustable
  • The TIME for reaching the fast speed (acceleration time) or the switching back to the slow speed (deceleration) can be set = RISE TIME
  • Stereo inputs and outputs
  • Power supply optional: Available at article nr #409939#

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