De Haske Starke Töne Trombone

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Sheet music book

  • Selected works for the Junior and D1 sections
  • For trombone, tenor horn, baritone and euphonium (bass clef) with piano accompaniment
  • Piano accompaniment easy to intermediate
  • A selection of the most popular titles from the bibliography for the young music performance badge Bronze (D1) or Junior
  • Includes CD with play-along recordings in two tempi
  • Created in cooperation with the Bläserjugend of the Bund Deutscher Blasmusikverbände (BDB)
  • Publishing number DHP 1115161-400
  • ISMN 9790035203309


  • Alouette
  • Let's Make Peace (by van Gorp)
  • Double-headed Dragon (Boyle)
  • Etude No.25 (Tanner / Weber)
  • Spring dance
  • Ruby (Vandercook)
  • Mr. John (van Gorp)
  • Rag Is Back (Van Gorp)
  • No.11 (herring)
  • Etude No.55 (Tannzer / Weber)
  • Allegro (Mozart)
  • Passacaille (trade)
  • Turquoise (Vandercook)
  • No.3 (final resume)
  • No.4 (final residency)

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